Winter 2019

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Disaster Response: A Quick How-To Guide

When natural disasters ravage communities, many people want to know how to help, but the disaster seems so large, they feel limited by their own resources, the distance, and other factors. Here is a break-down of the various ways you can act in response to natural disasters.

Tossing Tomatoes: Five Different Countries, Five Different Festivals

The world is diverse, and the world’s celebrations are just as diverse. Here are some cool festivals around the world, both serious and not-so-serious.

Om Nom: International Edition

If you ate the way that is culturally appropriate in the United States, would it still be appropriate in other countries? Let’s take a little trip and find out.

Funky Animal Festivals

In these lesser-known American fairs the main attractions are animals—but not just any animals. Far from the run-of-the mill horse shows and bull-riding rodeos, these exotic fairs feature less conventional sources of entertainment, from wiener dogs to worms.

Expanding Your Fruit Basket

You’ve probably heard of strawberries and oranges, but have you heard of mangosteens? Here are some of the best exotic fruits you can find while traveling the world that you won’t find easily in your local United States grocery store.

Spiritual Capitals in America

A list and description of some of the most amazing religious sites in the United States. This article describes the history of each site and the services/activities provided by each site.

Mastering Mobile Photography

Want to be able to take amazing travel photos without lugging around a heavy camera? Check out these nifty mobile camera apps you can use while you travel!

No House, No Problem #VanLife

Full time travel is absolutely possible, find out how these 2 #VanLife couples do it.

The Next Level Connection

Find out how to stay connected no matter where you are!

Homeward Bound

If you had asked me when I was younger what my favorite place in the world was, I would have told you Rock Mill Park. wasn’t until I was older that I realized my favorite place had been waiting halfway across the world—in Seoul, Korea.