Winter 2019

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Australia’s Great Ocean Walk

Australia’s Great Ocean Road contains some of the worlds most beautiful forest and beach views. The road has been divided into eleven shorter hikes so that visitors can catch some of the best sights.

Cambodia’s City of Temples

The temple Angkor Wat stands as a testament to ancient skill, faith, and beauty.

Quirky Museums

Have you ever been to a quirky museum, one that went against the norm of what is typical displayed? Search your area for the nearest museum; you might be surprised by what weird and creative things there are to learn about.

Willing to Travel

Lori Metze explains her life as a travel writer.

Illuminated Art: Religion Told through Stained Glass

Learn how stained glass can tell a building’s story.

I-90 Hidden Treasures

As the longest highway in the U.S., I-90 goes by a lot of unique locations. Here are a few of the possibilities across the country.

Cold as Ice . . . Land

There are many sights to see in Iceland, even if you only stay for a week. Here’s some tours you can go on.

Wandering with Wi-Fi

Tips for using your US phone while traveling abroad, without ending up with a hefty phone bill.

Jacmel: The City of Light

Whether you’re a music nut, a film fanatic, or a beach bum, Jacmel, Haiti, is the place to go.

Tasty Taters: Potato Recipes from Belgium, Japan, Utah, and Kenya

Mr. Potato Head made it onto Time’s list of “All-Time Top 100 Toys.” That’s no surprise though, because who doesn’t love a potato?