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Cold as Ice . . . Land

There are many sights to see in Iceland, even if you only stay for a week. Here’s some tours you can go on.

Wandering with Wi-Fi

Tips for using your US phone while traveling abroad, without ending up with a hefty phone bill.

Jacmel: The City of Light

Whether you’re a music nut, a film fanatic, or a beach bum, Jacmel, Haiti, is the place to go.

Tasty Taters: Potato Recipes from Belgium, Japan, Utah, and Kenya

Mr. Potato Head made it onto Time’s list of “All-Time Top 100 Toys.” That’s no surprise though, because who doesn’t love a potato?

See You in Hell

Hundreds go to Hell and back again every day touring one of these several devilishly-named locations around the world. Whether you’re traveling in a handbasket or taking the highway, take the next opportunity to visit the Hell nearest you!

Food Funs and Food Runs

For many people, traveling is an opportunity to try authentic and unique local cuisines. Even though trying new foods can be fun, getting sick from eating strange dishes can cause unpleasant times while abroad. However, the following food tips for traveling will help you enjoy all the exotic foods you want while also being prepared and ready to run when you get sick.

Vietnam Highlands – The Highs and Lows of Northwest Vietnam

There are many people who come to Vietnam to visit tourist spots such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Hoi An; however, going to the northern highlands is a totally different experience—because you can get away from big cities and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as be exposed to different cultures and ethnic groups.

Deltas & Dunes: The Best of Brazil

While Brazil may be best known for its crowded Copacabana shorelines and its thick Amazon jungles, these aren’t the only natural wonders the country offers. Brazil’s raw beauty pervades all the way from its southern border to its northernmost coast. And, though it is...

Backwoods LA: Sturtevant Falls

Ever feel trapped in the concrete jungle when you visit LA? Check out this blog to get a look at the city’s wild side.

European Hostels: Get Away for a While

Are you planning a trip to Europe, or perhaps just dreaming of one, on a budget? Or, perhaps, you just want to see a more traditional version of Europe. Here are five of the best hostels to give you that European experience you’ve been dreaming of.