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Winter 2018

Colorado: A Hiker's Paradise

We Coloradans might not pledge allegiance to our state flag like the Texans, but we have plenty of state pride, and much of it stems from the natural beauty of CO. Open spaces, trails, and mountains galore make this state a hiker’s paradise. Here are just a few of the diverse attractions for the avid hiker:

Colorado Springs: The Manitou Incline
Although this hike is just under a mile long, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. In that distance, you’ll increase your elevation by 2,000 feet and take 2,744 steps up the remains of an old railroad—the toughest “staircase” you’ll ever climb. Olympians, runners, cyclists, and hikers alike flock to the Incline for a challenge. After summiting this vertical trail, you will truly feel a sense of euphoria at what you accomplished.

Glenwood Springs: Hanging Lake
What could be a sweeter reward than a spectacular water feature at the peak of the trail? Clear turquoise water, verdant hanging gardens, and gentle falls await the hiker who finishes the rigorous, rocky climb to Hanging Lake. There are more than 100,000 visitors a year to this National Natural Landmark. Join them and take your turn exploring the impressive ecosystem.

Yampa: Devil’s Causeway
This hike challenges any adrenaline seeker with a heart-stopping trek through Devil’s Causeway. The path features drop-offs of several hundred feet on either side and narrows to only four feet at some parts of the passage. If you think you aren’t afraid of heights, the experience of hiking across this harrowing ridge might prove otherwise. But those who make it across will be privileged to see unparalleled views of the Flat Tops Wilderness: a striking, worthwhile reward.

These hikes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful and unique places in Colorado that cater to those who are adventure-seeking and outdoors-loving.

—Jess Johansen