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Fall 2020

You Really Need to Know About Traveling to Norway in the Winter

Yes, traveling to northern Norway in the winter sounds absolutely freezing. And it is. So get yourself a thick Norwegian coat and hang on while we walk through the Norwegian winter activities that you didn’t know you needed.

Dog Sledding, Tromsø
Excited huskies, a pristine white landscape, a thrilling ride, and a warm meal to top it off. That’s what you get when you go dog sledding in Tromsø, Norway. You’ll be provided with all of the warm gear, including a bodysuit, gloves, boots, and headwear, to keep you warm on the two-hour ride. This activity is like a mix of playing with dogs, riding a rollercoaster, and sightseeing all in one. And there is nothing else like it.

Reindeer Sledding, Tromsø
Okay, maybe I lied. Reindeer sledding is a lot like dog sledding, but with reindeer. Are you dying to know what Santa feels like on Christmas Eve? Then this is the activity for you. You’ll travel to the reindeer (they are kept separate from the huskies) and gear up for a wonderful winter ride. This experience also involves learning about and interacting with the indigenous Sami people, who have used reindeer sledding as transportation for centuries. The fun doesn’t end there, though; in the evening, you’ll get to enjoy the stunning Northern lights and a warm meal.

Snowmobile Safari, Tromsø
A safari . . . in the snow? Absolutely. It’s a 30-kilometer (18.6 miles) ride that takes you through the stunning mountains and valleys of the snow-blanketed landscape. Like the sledding activities, the warm gear is provided to make sure you actually enjoy the trip. Depending on the weather, you may even get the chance to try your hand at ice fishing. As always, your activity will be wrapped up with a delicious warm meal.

Night Snowshoeing, Ålesund
If you’re looking for a slower-pace option, night snowshoeing might be for you. This activity enables you to see both the Northern lights above and the city below. You’ll want to dress warm and bring a headlight to help you make your way through the dark night. You’ll be provided with a warm drink and a pair of snowshoes—which is all you need on a beautiful and snowy Norwegian night.

Snowshoe Hike and Airboarding, Ålesund
Alright, you like the idea of snowshoeing, but you’re also looking for something fast-paced? This activity will give you both in one go. Don your snowshoes for a beautiful hike, then inflate your slide board (or air board), get on your stomach, and race down the mountain! At the end, you’ll sit around a warm bonfire and talk about how you want to do it again tomorrow.Northern Norway in the winter has some of the most unique and beautiful experiences waiting for you. All of these activities are provided by FjordTours (, so start saving and book your next trip to Norway in the winter!

—Abby Ferrell