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Meet the Management Team

Get to know Jennifer, Brynn, and Holly

The three girls in the management team are in a collage over a picture of the ocean

The ship has set sail, and the stowaway crew has snuck aboard. The adventures can now begin! You’ve met some of the staff already, but have you met the Stowaway management team? Meet the dynamic trio below.


Jennifer grew up next to the ocean in Mexico. She spent her nights listening to the crashing waves while she dreamt of traveling the world—and one day she finally did. She’s traveled through Mexico, Austria, Germany, and Budapest, and has lived in Albania, Kosovo, and several US states. She’s also planning on visiting New Zealand soon! Besides traveling, she loves to cook and bake new recipes, hike new trails, and learn new languages. She hopes to be fluent enough in her current four languages to learn a fifth.


Brynn has visited many beautiful places around the world, but her favorite place to visit is Arizona, to see her family. According to Brynn, the Sonoran Desert there is absolutely gorgeous, especially after it rains. One of her favorite parts about traveling is flying! She enjoys zipping through the clouds and watching the world shrink during takeoff and grow during landing. She also loves to try delicious new foods with her husband.


Holly enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano and the handbells. She recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Ireland and the UK as part of a study abroad! If she could choose any place to visit in the world, she would choose to visit France.

Hear about our stowaways’ adventures in the coming Stowaway magazine!