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More in Moab

Quarantine and social distancing have left many outdoor lovers stuck inside. With various restrictions and limited vacation options, the National Parks have become and oasis for travelers. Arches is the perfect National Park locations for any and all who are seeking more sunshine.

The park is found in Moab—a very warm portion of Utah. Trails ranging from a simple walk to an extensive journey can appeal to visitors with varying levels of hiking and camping experience. There are three specific hikes that range in difficulty, but that are must-visit spots for those who seek the full Arches experience.

Double Arch—Easy


This is not a hike, but more of a walk-up spot. Unlike the other arches found at the park, this one is a two-for-one deal. The double arches create a beautiful view both up close and far away for visitors who have varying time constraints.

Corona Arch—Medium


Before the pandemic, this Corona Arch was one of the most popularly mentioned “coronas” in the world. The hike involves some ladders and chain-link guides to make it easier, but visitors of any age can do it.

Delicate Arch—Hard


The most famous arch in all of Utah is Delicate Arch. The hardest part of the hike is the extreme slopes and drop offs. Travelers that don’t prefer heights might be startled, but not enough to resist this natural wonder.