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Welcome to Fall 2022

Web Team Fall 2022

Welcome to a new semester of Stowaway!

All of us on the Stowaway staff are excited to spend the next few months traveling the globe and exploring its treasures with you.

Let’s meet the new web team and learn about their vacation aspirations as well as their hometown adventures.


Kyla loves to travel with her husband. The best vacation she’s been on was to the UK where she explored Edinburgh, Scotland, and London, England. It’s safe to say she’s obsessed with castles, pastries, and the Scottish accent. She wants to visit Germany in the future—not only would she tour the amazing castles, but she would also visit her German foreign exchange sister and her German missionary companion.

Kyla is from Salem, Utah. She says that even though Salem is a small town, the Salem Pond is a big deal! It’s a great place to fish, swim, kayak, and play, and seasonal activities happen year-round there: floating Christmas trees light up the pond in the winter, the annual 5K goes all the way around the pond each August, and the annual fireworks show happens over the pond. And her husband proposed to her at Salem Pond, so the pond is near and dear to her heart!


Kelsie’s favorite vacation was her week-long honeymoon on the beach in the Dominican Republic. She and her husband went on a snorkeling excursion, took a scuba diving lesson, toured Santo Domingo, and ate lots of yummy Dominican food. She hopes to one day visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and to go backpacking or glamping through Europe.

Kelsie is from Eagle Mountain, Utah, and has found an amazing restaurant that’s close to home—the Purple Turtle. They sell excellent shakes alongside the best french fries. It’s good and it’s cheap!


Abby loved going on a family history trip with her family (including her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins) to Norway. The country was beautiful, and she felt like she was home there. She dreams of one day seeing the Northern Lights and of visiting Romania.

Abby is from Holladay, Utah, and knows of a great place to visit near downtown Salt Lake City: Dolcetti Gelato. They have the yummiest gelato, tasty sweets, and the coolest decorations. Abby highly recommends trying their coconut sticky rice gelato (it’s incredible!) and their lavender scones.


Shannon enjoyed visiting and living in the Philippines. She loved meeting the people there, learning the language, and immersing herself in the culture. She also cannot recommend Filipino food enough (especially chicken adobo)! She hopes to travel to Europe in the future and visit France and England.

Shannon is from Denver, Colorado. She has good memories of playing miniature golf at Adventure Golf and Raceway. Each of the three courses takes you on a unique journey to a different time or a different continent. Each course is decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights in the winter. Be sure to do the course with the exploding volcano when it’s cold outside!

We all love our fantasies of sailing the seas and exploring new cultures. Stowaway will help you do just that! Even so, we can’t spend every day in a foreign country, seeing its breathtaking sights and sampling its exquisite cuisine. On days that feel more ordinary, remember to take in the amazing and unique culture just outside your doorstep. Who knows what you’ll find?

Check back here every Wednesday and Friday to stow away with us and find a new travel tip or vacation destination.