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Rise and Hike!

Check out these two sunrise hikes in Indonesia!

Sunrise over Mount Batur

Mesmerizing. Peaceful. Breathtaking.

These are the words that come to mind when I view a spectacular sunrise, with the pinks and purples or corals and yellows that span the sky like a painting from a masterful artist’s hand. I have hundreds of sunrise (and sunset) pictures on my phone, taken from various locations. Yet, I have not hiked to the top of a mountain to watch the sun rise and see the sky painted in real time. I found two sunrise hikes in Indonesia that I’m ready to see:

Kintamani, Bali: Mount Batur

According to theworldtravelguy, this is a moderate hike that is two to three miles round trip (plan two hours to reach the top) with a peak elevation of 5,633 feet. If you stay right in Kintamani, you can walk to the base of the volcano, so your hiking start time will be 4 a.m. You can expect a steep, but safe, climb, and you’ll want to have a jacket handy for the cooler weather at the top while you await the sunrise. In addition to the spectacular reds, corals, and golds exploding across the sky during the sunrise, you will also see Lake Batur, the peaks of Gunung Abang, the tips of Mount Angung volcano, and the Bali Sea. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to book at trip to Bali!

Indonesia: Penanjakan Views

Don’t leave Indonesia just yet! After you enjoy time in Bali, hop a flight over to Java. There, you can hike Mount Penanjakan to watch the sun rise over Bromo Mountain. There are two options: Penanjakan 1, southwest of Bromo Mountain, and Penanjakan 2, a lower site that is easier to access than Penanjakan 1. To reach Penanjakan 1, you’ll start in Pasuruan. If you plan to take the shorter route to Penanjakan 2, you’ll start in Probolinggo Because the viewing site is higher on Panenjakan 1, giving a more panoramic view, it is the more popular (crowded) of the two. If you aren’t keen on hiking, there is an option to reach the pinnacle on a jeep tour. If you are hiking, plan for two to three hours to reach the top, starting around 2 a.m. For your early wake-up call, you will be rewarded with a golden sunrise and a view of Mount Bromo, with the magical mist rising from the Bromo volcano.

I know I don’t have to travel halfway around the world to enjoy inspiring sunrises, but after learning about the majesty of the sunrise over these two Indonesian mountains, I certainly need to make the journey. I mean, the sunrise is calling and I must answer the call, right? Is the sunrise in Indonesia calling you?

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