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“Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese”

“Authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.” That’s how Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney, describes the newest Disneyland resort in Shanghai, China. While the original Disneyland park is known for classic rides and excessive crowds, Shanghai Disneyland focuses on nature, art, and live performances to capture the essence of Chinese culture.

Kimchi, A Hidden Gem

By Andra Lainhart March 08, 2021 09:40 PM
Asian cuisine is well-loved by many people, and an underappreciated food of Asian cuisine is kimchi. Native to Korea, kimchi is a food staple valued equal to rice and is eaten from breakfast to dinner or any time in between. Koreans have been eating it for centuries, storing the kimchi in clay pots and burying them in the ground for the fermentation process. Today, many Asian restaurants (especially Korean) serve this delicious dish. Read Full Story

Iceland's Geothermal Spas

By Courtney Seale March 05, 2021 01:28 PM
One of the most intriguing features of Iceland is its geothermal spas. These spas are naturally warmed by the fires underneath the earth. Beautiful landscapes surround spas across Iceland boasting mountains, coastlines, and the Northern Lights in all seasons. The following spas are just a taste of the spas that can be found in Iceland. Read Full Story

Tā Moko

By Kiersten Guymon February 22, 2021 03:42 PM
You may know someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, but do you know someone who wears their heritage on their face? This is true for some members of the Māori community, where the practice of tā moko—or spiritual or social tattoos on the face, legs or other parts of the body—has recently undergone a revival. Read Full Story