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What Is Stowaway?

Stowaway is an award-winning travel magazine geared toward young adults with tight budgets who have a passion for exploring the world.

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Stowaway isn't just a travel magazine; it's your peer-approved passport to a world of exploration and cultural immersion. Read our magazine to uncover unique travel advice, global insights, and explanations of cultural phenomena.

Every semester, a new group of students collaborate to create the latest edition of Stowaway. (Click here to learn more about this semester's amazing staff!) Our team members come from all over the country and bring together many different experiences and skills, which we express through our work on this magazine. We're sure to infuse every issue with fresh perspectives, new ideas, and an overarching wanderlust fit to rival even the most seasoned explorers.

But our journey doesn't stop there. During the brief lull between issues of Stowaway, be sure to check our blog, where we regularly share our favorite travel discoveries and insider tips, ensuring you're always equipped for your next adventure. (And who knows—maybe you'll discover your next adventure right here with us!)

So, pack your bags, settle in, and join us on this issue's exciting voyage.

Welcome aboard, Stowaways!