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Spring 2024 Staff

Members of Stowaway's staff come from all over the country, bringing unique ideas, experiences, and skills with them.

Click below to learn more about the staff that produced the Spring 2024 issue during the winter 2024 semester!
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Management Team

Jacob Rawlins, Editor-in-Chief
Savannah Lunt, Managing Editor
Emmalee Collyer, Assistant Managing Editor
Justine Leavitt, Assistant Managing Editor

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Design Team

Jill Jackson, Design Team Leader 
Addison Fisher, Design Team Member 
Brynna Dalton, Design Team Member  
Liberty Leavitt, Design Team Member  
Jordyn Sanders, Design Team Member  
Madi Young, Design Team Member  

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Social Media Team

Julia Bryan, Social Media Team Leader 
Henry Sorensen, Social Media Team Member  
Cami VanAusdal, Social Media Team Member
Lily Moyes, Social Media Team Member  

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Web Team

Tessa Swensen, Web Team Leader 
Abby Andrus, Web Team Member 
Mabel Teerlink, Web Team Member  
Trish Evans, Web Team Member  

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Advertising Team

Sayle Owen, Advertising Team Leader 
Meagan Jeanneret, Advertising Team Member 
Emma Eastman, Advertising Team Member