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Sunsets around the World

The sun rises and sets every single day, a promise that can bring peace to those driven with anxiety. We can go about our days knowing that the sun will set. No matter how bad a day may seem, it will eventually end and a new day will come with new hope.

Sunsets are beautiful arrays of perfect ombre colors that stretch across the sky, but their beauty often goes unnoticed, as people are busy with their typical days. Often they only make time to watch the sun set when on vacation, but the sun sets everywhere, every single day.

Watching the sun set not only allows you to catch some fresh air after a stressful day—research shows that sunsets have psychological effects that increase satisfaction of life and relieve stress.

What has always amazed me about sunsets is the spontaneity of the way the sun displays its pastel colors differently each night. After several years of regularly and intentionally observing sunsets, I can honestly say I have been in awe with every sunset I have seen.

From chasing a sunset to Utah Lake to watching the sun go down at the sunset celebration in Key West, I’ve seen that every sunset has a view to offer. Even the pastel, ombre sunsets that lack clouds are beautiful in the most simple way.

The next time you catch the sun as it dips below the horizon, stop to notice the simple beauty that you can rely on every day. Breathe in the fresh, still air as the day ends and everything settles.

Sunset over Utah Lake in Vineyard, Utah
Sunset in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico
Sunset during the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square in Key West, Florida
Sunset in Los Cabos, Mexico at the boat docks
Sunset during a Hawaiian Hula and Luau in Kauai, Hawaii
Sunset somewhere over the Grand Canyon in Arizona