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Fall 2011

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

When it’s 20 degrees outside, dressing stylish may be the last thing on your mind. But whether you’re caught in a snowstorm on your way to the theater or just out for a stroll on a chilly February evening, your attire doesn’t have to be as drab as the weather. Here are five items that will keep you looking chic regardless of climate . . . or budget.


Mixing and matching gloves is one simple way to create variety in your daily appearance and spice up those long winter days. There are plenty of affordable styles of gloves that can fill your wardrobe with a slew of options.


Was it too cold to get out of bed this morning? A hat can help! Keep your ears warm while covering a bad hair day with the perfect hat.

Tights & Socks

A burst of color will brighten those gloomy winter mornings. Thick tights and socks come in many different colors and materials, perfect for layering when boots and jeans won’t quite cut it. Try cable-knit socks to add texture to an outfit. Try colored tights to show off your “brighter” side.


Scarves set the tone of a winter outfit. For serious outdoor activity, try an infinity scarf that adds bulk and interest to any outfit. For evening activities or a more formal look, try a sleeker scarf with an interesting pattern. A lighter scarf is perfect for layering.
—Lauren Swainston Pinegar