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Winter 2018

Happenings: Hotels

Get ready to bell-hop around the United States and visit the most unique hotels in the country. Forest Gully Farms, TN
If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, but just can’t make it to New Zealand to experience the charm of Hobbiton, book a flight to Tennessee and visit Forest Gully Farms. You can find these underground huts (a.k.a hobbit holes) just an hour away from Nashville. When you reserve the huts, you also have fifteen acres of farm to yourself, including fruits and vegetables you can pick yourself and eat. This is a great place to stay if you’re looking to run away to a fantasy land (but not one too far from home).

TreeHouse Point, WA
The Pacific Northwest is famous for its beautiful trees, so why not enjoy them up close and personal? At TreeHouse Point, you can stay in one of six beautiful treehouses and enjoy a night in nature and get a continental breakfast the next morning. Because staying here is all about rest and relaxation, guests under thirteen years of age aren’t allowed to stay overnight, but they do provide tours of the treehouses for all ages!

Heceta Head Lighthouse, OR
There are a lot of hotels that provide an ocean view, but it’s a lot harder to find a hotel that lets you stay in a Lightkeeper’s cottage next to a lighthouse. The cottage provides a quaint trip into the past. There is a fully equipped guest kitchen, but you won’t need it after the seven-course breakfast that is served each morning to guests! So head to the Oregon coast and enjoy the view of the ocean and the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Beckham Creek Cave, AR
The word “cave” doesn’t exactly make you think of luxury, but the Beckham Creek Cave is truly a modern and luxurious getaway. This vacation rental is set in a natural cavern that has been remodeled to include modern amenities and design. It’s a blend of two things you never thought would go together but work perfectly. The house has sleeping accommodations for eight people, but can fit up to sixteensixteen. So grab fifteen of your closest friends and make your way to Arkansas for a vacation everyone will remember.

The Holidays, CA
In San Clemente, CA, you can stay in candy-colored 1960s camper trailers. They make a great backdrop for an Instagram post! Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they also have amenities like running water, a stovetop, and even Bluetooth speakers—all to help you camp in comfort and style. There’s a fire pit outside of each trailer, so you can enjoy a day at the beach, make some s’mores at night, and then retire to the comfort of your trailer.

—Megan Clark