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Fall 2018

Natal, Brazil

Natal (the Portuguese word for Christmas) is a relatively unknown vacation spot in northern Brazil. Usually when people think of a Brazilian getaway, they think of Rio de Janeiro or Manaus, but for people who are looking to avoid the crowds and still experience Brazil in all of its beauty, Natal is a wonderful spot to visit, and not just during the holidays.

Located 180 miles north of Recife and just 400 miles south of the Equator, Natal is a perfect vacation spot all year round. The water is constantly warm, and the beaches are perpetually beautiful. In fact, if you’re looking to save some money, consider going during the Brazilian winter. Because fewer people visit the beaches during the winter season, housing options are both plentiful and inexpensive.

But housing isn’t the only thing that’s cheap; the food sold on the beach, which includes fresh crab and locally grown coconuts, can be purchased for pocket change. There are also a variety of different food shacks located on the beaches and throughout the city, so make sure to take advantage of the local treats.

So, if you’re looking for South American adventure that won’t break the bank, then you can get excited about “Christmas,” Brazil.

—Michael Morris