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Spring 2020

Tagging Along

Looking for a flight? There are so many places you could go and things you could see, if you could only find an affordable flight. Whether you’re flying to another state or across the world, finding cheap and affordable flights can be a real challenge. Fortunately, social media may have a solution for you. Instagram and Facebook user Emily Holt’s account “FlightsFromHome” posts cheap flights and good deals coming out of the Salt Lake City International Airport. Some of these deals are even under $100! Each post lists the flight destination, the price, and the months it will be available. These flight deals are completely free and available to everyone. Holt currently has over 335,000 followers due to her clean, easy-to-read layout. The location and the price are prominently displayed in her posts. Her at-a-glance post format is perfect for a quick check when you’re on the go.

While this may be perfect for those are close to the Salt Lake City International Airport, it may be better for travelers from other locations to try another site for flight recommendations. In an interview with KSL-TV on January 16, 2018, Holt recommended checking out Google Flights and their price tracking feature to keep tabs on the flight prices to your destination of choice. Google Flights is easy to use and very user friendly. It allows the user to enter in their location destination, departure destination, and trip dates, and gives a list of departing flights, their airlines, and the round-trip price.

Kiwi is another helpful app for finding cheap flights to and from any location. Available on Apple and Android devices, Kiwi is a free app that offers its services to help you find the best travel deals—for flights, hotels, trains, or rental cars. Kiwi has a satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5 and over a million downloads. Its price alert feature notifies users of new deals and price drops. Kiwi even has an “augmented reality baggage measurement tool” to help you with baggage planning. Kiwi declares that their app can confirm whether or not your bag will pass the airport check-in just by viewing it through your phone camera. With these many features available, Kiwi can definitely be an all-in-one tool paired with other apps and accounts like FlightsFromHome for all your travel needs!

—McKenna Limb