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Fall 2020

Workaway: A Community of Global Travelers

Have you ever wanted to travel cheap, experience a new culture, and learn new career skills? Try exploring the world through the Workaway community! Workaway is an organization that connects travelers with hosts who need work done. From house-sitting to homesteading, Workaway can connect you with the accommodations you need in exchange for about four to five hours of labor a week (with weekends off).

How Does It Work?

  1. Set up an account. Workaway has an annual membership fee of $44, but as one user of the app, Sydnee Gonzalez, has said of her experience, “It’s the equivalent for what you’d pay for a night at a hotel, so it’s way worth the price.” The app does not automatically renew your membership, so you don’t have to worry about cancelling your account in the case of a light travel year.
  2. Contact a host. Workaway itself does not supply housing—instead it acts as a facilitator to connect travelers and hosts so each can easily find what they’re looking for. Hosts can list their location, amenities, available work, and wage offers (if applicable); travelers list their skills. Workaway staff also provide an extra level of security by approving each host and traveler account before allowing them to connect with others.
  3. Find a travel buddy. You can use the app for solo travel, or you can travel together with a friend by connecting your accounts. The app also lists other nearby Workawayers, so you can make a new travel buddy to join you on your adventure.
  4. Support a cause. Part of the Workaway profits go to financing local education and materials for communities encountered by the Workaway team on their own travels. Currently they have helped with projects in Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, and Morocco. And, if you encounter a worthy cause in need of financial aid while on your travels, you can contact the Workaway team to review the project and determine if they can help.
  5. Got questions? Get help! Staff is available to assist members around the clock, 365 days a year. They are available to advise you on building your profile, answer your emails and general queries, and offer you personalized travel advice.

Sound exciting? Workaway is accessible through the company’s website ( or through the Workaway app available for both Android and iPhone.

—Amity Wootan