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Bakery Buhtla

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is trying new food. But one of my least favorite aspects is never being able to find or replicate the new food that I have just fallen in love with.

I guess this means I’ll have to visit that place again. . . .

But if I describe to you one of my favorite foods I discovered while traveling, then maybe you could share in my mourning that we won’t be able to try this new food properly until we can travel safely again.

This food is a dessert from the Balkans, a region in southeastern Europe comprising countries like Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia. The dessert, buhtla, is a large, sweet roll usually filled with gooey chocolate or sticky fruit jam.

Buhtla on a plate.

Like most bread from Europe, the roll is absolutely delicious by itself—soft, buttery, and sweet. It’s like eating a cloud—a three-inch-by-three-inch bread-roll cloud that tastes exactly as you would expect something from heaven to taste like. And then—AND THEN—this scrumptious cloud is filled with chocolate or jam (usually cherry or peach). And to top it off, it’s dusted with powdered sugar.

Did I mention that buhtla is a bread roll filled with chocolate?

If you love tiny European street-corner bakeries, if you love bread, and if you love chocolate or jam, buhtla is the dessert for you.