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Bite into Heaven at Devil’s Teeth

The Devil's Teeth Baking Company store front.

I rediscovered the San Francisco of my youth while eating a breakfast sandwich in the dense fog of the Outer Sunset.

There’s something about Devil’s Teeth Bakery that attracts locals in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. Maybe it’s the devilishly good food or the makeshift wooden benches for casual dining in front of the establishment. Maybe it’s the salt in the air from Ocean Beach or perhaps the quiet of locals peacefully enjoying their dark roast.

Whatever it is, Devil’s Teeth captures the native San Franciscan with ease, creating an opportunity for tourists to experience the taste of the city without the crowds or prices they’ll encounter at tourist traps downtown.

As I bite into their iconic breakfast sandwich, my body is on the bench and my eyes are on the puppies playing near me, but my soul has left the Bay Area entirely in search of heaven (or maybe hell?) from where this sandwich came.

The only thing grounding me is the perfectly paired coffee that’s warming my hands against the thick June gloom. A bite here, a sip there, and just like that, I’m transported to the authentic San Francisco I knew twenty years ago.

But I’ve kept you long enough with my experience. Let’s talk about why you and I are here: the food.

Titled the “Special Breakfast Sandwich”, Devil’s Teeth Bakery places two perfectly scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, generous avocado, and the restaurant’s to-die-for lemon aioli between two halves of a homemade buttermilk biscuit.

In addition to the breakfast sandwich, their entire menu is jam-packed with superstars waiting to tempt your tastebuds. Other headliners include meat or veggie quiches, egg bowls, toast, parfait, granola—and that’s just the breakfast menu!

Whether you’re craving protein, carbs, or sweets, Devil’s Teeth caters to every diet and desire.

Plate full of assorted bacon cheddar muffins.

If you’re in for a sweet dessert, their lineup boasts cookies, cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, pie, and cake. My personal favorite is their donut muffins: a light, fluffy, muffin-shaped pastry with a sugar coating. But it seems every local has a different favorite.

If your hunger has already been sated, every menu item pairs exceptionally well with a Sunset Roasters coffee, latte, or espresso. And if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, then they’ve got your classic cafe menu including hot chocolates, chai, and organic teas.

Similar to their diverse menu, Devil’s Teeth boasts variety in their customers. This small business with tinfoil-wrapped sandwiches and standing room for maybe four or five customers provides an ambiance unlike any Starbucks or Dutch Bros.

As I finish the last bite, my soul descends once more toward the calm morning in front of me, and I realize why Devil’s Teeth is a refuge for so many. The atmosphere gathers the diverse San Franciscan. As I sit here I see multicultural families, LGBTQ+ couples, children, teenagers skipping class, and, of course, many dogs.

I don’t have the privilege of starting every morning at Devil’s Teeth, but whenever I do, I know that I’m home. At Devil’s Teeth Bakery, you’ll order your food as a tourist and finish it feeling like a seasoned local. Besides, there’s nothing quite so authentically San Franciscan as a breakfast in the fog.

Mo Tanner