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Bingsu (빙수)


One of Korea’s signature desserts is called Bingsu. This cold dessert is made with a base of shaved frozen milk or cream. The shaved milk is put into a bowl and toppings are added to it. The traditional topping is red beans, and when it is prepared this way, it is called 팥빙수 (Pat-Bingsu). However, other popular ways of preparing it include fruit toppings, such as strawberries, blueberries, and mangos. In addition, there is a selection of sweeter Bingsu flavors, such as Oreo, chocolate brownie, and cheesecake.

In Korea, the best place to eat Bingsu is at a popular dessert chain called 설빙 (Seol-Bing). It is best to go with friends because a single serving of Bingsu is enough to feed two or three people, depending on how much you eat. If you go with more people, though, it is best to order two or three different kinds of Bingsu so you can get a chance to taste the different flavors.

People are usually hesitant to try the Pat-Bingsu that is topped with red beans. I was also hesitant at first, but I tried it once, and I found that I love the traditional flavor. It is worth going out of your comfort zone to try this amazing dessert. Bingsu can be found locally at Yummy’s Korean BBQ in Orem. Once you try this, you will always be looking for more Korean Bingsu.