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Flying When You Can’t Walk

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Photo by Hannah Christensen

Flying while injured sounds like quite the ordeal—and probably not one that you’d want to embark on. However, it is more doable than it sounds! You don’t need to cancel your flight if you just had a mishap. Here are seven things to know when flying injured.

  1. Airports have wheelchairs you can borrow for free! Sometimes, they will even assign an employee to you to push you through security and to the gate. If this is the case, you may even be able to jump the lines! 
  2. The TSA agents will help you through security as well. You won’t be able to go through the metal detector (a wheelchair would set it off anyway), but they will pat you down—and they’ll be extremely nice about it too. They know you’re injured.  
  3. Do you know how you’re never the first to board the plane unless you pay to be first? Well, if you’re in a wheelchair, now you’re the very first one. An airport employee comes to get you before boarding is even announced and pushes you up the ramp. 
  4. If you’ve got crutches, they’ll either gate-check them or regular check them—both for free.  
  5. If you’re really lucky, they may even check your carry-on for free.  
  6. You’re right—a wheelchair does not fit on the plane, and it will get taken back down the ramp. However, a flight attendant will help you get to your seat. You’re never left alone.  
  1. The cost of being first to board also means you’re last to exit. An airport employee will come bring a wheelchair to you and get you to your checked bags, and finally, to whoever’s waiting to pick you up.  

Ideally, none of this ever comes in handy. However, if you one day find yourself unable to walk, but you have a flight scheduled, there is no need to worry. Airports can take it all.