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Four Things to Do in The Middle of Nowhere, Nevada

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of Nevada with some time to spare?

Photo by @2013 Jon Webb

Perhaps your first thought is that Nevada is just a huge desert with Las Vegas and Reno (the two biggest cities in the state) on the edges of the state. Maybe you even thought that all you can do in Nevada is party or gamble. But Nevada residents and nature lovers all agree that you don’t have to gamble to have fun in Nevada. Here are four things you can do outside of Las Vegas and Reno that won’t cost you a penny.

Great Basin National Park

Did you know that Nevada has a National Park? While much of Nevada is a desert, Nevada is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna, all preserved by the park. Great Basin is also home to some of the oldest trees in the world: the Bristle Cone Pines. If you’re a National Park completionist, you’ll want to visit.

Pony Express stops

All throughout Nevada are points where Pony Express riders would rest and get a fresh horse on their way to or from California. Most of the stops are only marked by a sign, but there are a few notable stops to visit. Not to mention that cowboy culture is alive and well in Nevada.


Historic railroads and train depots

Many of the small towns in Northern Nevada still maintain their trains and some—like the train depot in Ely, Nevada—even offer train rides so that you can experience what it was like to travel by train.


So little of rural Nevada is populated that you can effectively stargaze anywhere. Some of the best places to stargaze include Great Basin National Park because it is a Dark Sky Protected Area, so they keep the sky clear of any light pollution for maximum night sky viewing.

Don’t waste your next visit to Nevada! Be sure to check out everything The Middle of Nowhere, Nevada, has to offer!