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Robin Hood’s Bay

Every year, regency romance fans flock to famous vacation destinations—Chatsworth, Bath, London—but few people know about this lovely, mysterious, and literarily famous getaway.

Photo by Pixabay

In 2013, Julianne Donaldson released her second novel, Blackmoore. The book was a wonderful success, in part due to its dreamy setting amidst the heaths and moors of coastal England. Anyone who enjoyed that novel will have the adventure of a lifetime roving through this misty English fishing town. Embrace the romanticism and get washed away in the adventure of Robin Hood’s Bay.

Whitby Abbey

For the low, low cost of a ten-pound fee and a ten-minute drive, you can explore the incredible ruins of the Whitby Abbey. As an inspiration for both Bram Stoker and Julianne Donaldson, this site is sure to take your breath away. Book a tour, wander through the museum, or simply rove about the wild cliffside ruins.

Ghost Tour

As the historic home of many smuggling schemes and long-forgotten secret passageways, Robin Hood’s Bay is the perfect place for a ghost tour, and luckily, it boasts a plethora. Wander through the village long after dark and keep your eyes open for Headless Bert Marshall, the town’s most famous ghost.

Photo by Pixabay

Victorian Weekend

If you’re not feeling a summer ramble but you still want a magical novel experience, come in early December for Victorian Weekend. For two days the entire town dresses up in historically-accurate costumes, allowing you the opportunity to visit this beautiful hamlet that is frozen in time. This is the perfect time and place to get your fill of live theater, Christmas cheer, and romance.