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The Duel of the Stays

Should you go with an Airbnb or a hotel during your next vacation?

It’s a chilly Wednesday night and all you can think about is warming up—your mind wanders to a beach vacation. You decide the tropical location that is your destination for next year’s trip, and you’re ecstatic; however, the question of where to stay looms over your mind. Should you go with an Airbnb or a hotel?

In recent years, people have shifted away from using hotels for travel because of pricing, and in turn, the use of Airbnb has risen dramatically as they have been a much cheaper, private, and convenient option for customers—often a no-brainer choice over most hotels. However, with increased popularity has come multiple caveats, and choosing the best stay is not as simple as it used to be. It is important to bring up some important and distinguishing considerations that will hopefully help you in choosing the best establishment for your destination. The question of which one to choose brings up many factors to consider, such as the strengths and weaknesses of both services, which will be outlined in this guide.

Length of Stay and Size of Group

For short stays (a few days or less) and small groups, hotels are the way to go. For example, if a couple sacrifices the privacy of an exclusive establishment to book a single hotel room for a weekend getaway they can avoid Airbnb’s cleaning fees which would make the stay more expensive. However, for longer stays (a week or more) and bigger groups, Airbnb often has more space and better deals per night. This will provide a bigger bang for your buck since the group can split the whole cost and the cleaning fee will not be as much of a sacrifice.

Cost to Labor Comparison

While most pros and cons for each establishment are dependent on what fits your situation best, there is certainly a difference in labor that customers will perform at an Airbnb versus a hotel. Airbnb hosts often require guests to clean the establishment at the end of their stay in addition to paying for a professional cleaning fee. While the cleaning fee is variable on destination, in foreign countries the total price you are paying for your Airbnb stay could still be up to 59% cheaper than the price of a hotel. When making your decision, consider whether you wish to pay more or to clean more.

Considerations Abroad

One benefit of choosing Airbnb for foreign travel would be the avoidance of hotel tourist traps and the chance to have a more authentic experience in the country. Airbnbs are typically located in more rural areas in the country’s backyard instead of in high tourist locations, which could be a nice change of pace. However, hotel stays often include helpful accommodations, and you may find it more convenient to eat breakfast at your establishment instead of having to hunt a new place down.

Given all considerations, there is often no correct decision—it’s simply best to look at the needs of your particular vacation. Despite their differences, both options are safe and enjoyable, so you can make the most of your travel at either establishment.

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