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The Flowers of Yangju

pink flowers edited.jpg
Photo by Vino Li

Picture yourself on an autumn day as the protagonist of a legendary story,
sauntering slowly through a far-reaching field of flowers, letting your fingers
graze the tops of the petals as soft violins guide your steps. If you’re planning a
trip to Korea, make sure to add “become the main character” to your itinerary.
Nari Farm (양주 나리농원), located in Yangju, South Korea, offers you a scene
straight out of a fairy tale.
Yangju is a small city on the outskirts of the suburbs of Uijoengbu, which is right
on the edge of Seoul. Nested within Yangju’s borders, Nari Farm aims to present
visitors with the most beautiful flora and fauna that Yangju has to offer. Every
year from September to October, the farm opens its gates to the public to display
some of their most vibrant fall foliage. For only 2,000 won (about 2 dollars),
visitors are welcome to come anytime between the hours of 9 AM and 11 PM to
take pictures, buy flowers to take home, or simply walk through the fields and
admire the colors.
Those who choose to come with the sun still shining could spend their time in the
fields of pink and purple, among the rosebushes, along the lily-pad pond, or inside
one of the many greenhouses on the farm’s property. Once the sun sets, however,
the gardens light up—twinkle lights line the gazebos and various lanterns light
visitors’ pathway through the flowers. The shapes of these lanterns vary
everywhere from the moon and the stars to Korean farmers dressed in traditional
clothing. Patrons are invited to take pictures of all of these and more, as there are
many photo opportunities posted all around the farm.
Away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, there is a dream waiting to be lived. If
the city streets get to be a little too much, take a bus to Yangju, where Nari Farm
reminds you that there’s some important relaxation to be done.