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The Outer Banks: Appreciating the Namesake Behind the Popular Netflix Series

Whether you are into beachy TV series or American history, OBX is the place for you!

OBX beach
Photo by Pixabay

The Outer Banks (more commonly known as "OBX") are a line of barrier islands to the west of the North Carolina coast. It is a beautiful destination with its southern charm and relaxing coast life. This location has become better known through the airing of the popular Netflix series Outer Banks—which, ironically, was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Outer Banks has an enchantment that can be attributed to many things, one being the colorful paneling on the two-story beach houses with a garage on the first level. Lined with green foliage and foxtail weeds, the beaches look like the setting of Amazon’s popular show The Summer I Turned Pretty that was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Now, these two shows probably don’t mean anything to you if you don’t enjoy watching TV. Fortunately, the Outer Banks is not just rich in cinematic history; it also happens to be the location where the Wright Brothers took their first flight, which changed history as we know it.

The Outer Banks also have a deep history with each of its five beautiful lighthouses, the most magnificent of them being the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Built in 1870, this lighthouse was at risk of being destroyed when the shoreline beneath it began to erode. Fearful that this important monument would be destroyed, individuals began to devise solutions to preserve this artifice, which led to the execution of an extraordinary $11.8 million project to move the lighthouse 2,900 feet (about 883.92 m) inland.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in OBX, North Carolina
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in OBX, North Carolina
Photo by Pixabay

This barely scratches the surface of everything to do and explore in the Outer Banks. Whether you are into beachy TV series or American history, OBX is the place for you! If you ever find yourself on the East Coast, be sure to include the Outer Banks in your plans. It may just become your favorite vacation spot!