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Bring the World of Food to Your Doorstep

Do you love exploring other cultures, eating interesting food, and getting mail? An ever-growing market of subscription crates can now bring the world to your doorstep. Food is a great way to experience other cultures, and now you don’t even need to leave your house to do it.

Universal Yums – “Start your adventure around the world”

Universal Yums is a snack subscription that allows you to “travel” the world with snack selections from a different country each month. Snacks typically include a variety of cookies, chips, and candies. Some treats, like the Italian fruit jellies, appeal to a more general audience. There are also items, like egg yolk popcorn and spicy fish potato chips, that cater to the more adventurous eater. Each box includes a booklet that presents explanations of your snacks, trivia about the country and its food, and sometimes even recipes.

There are three different box sizes, all with free shipping within the US. Prices range from $16–$41 a month for various numbers of snacks. One of the unique features of Universal Yums is the ability to buy more of your favorite snacks at the Yums Shop. So, if you loved those pineapple gummy rings, now you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Try The World – “Discover the world through food”

This subscription brands itself with gourmet international products. If artisanal, locally crafted foodstuffs are a selling point for you, then Try the World has you covered. You can choose either the “Countries” box, which has 7–8 gourmet foods, ingredients, snacks, and drinks, or the “Snack” box, which includes both sweet and savory artisanal snacks.

Boxes are $29-$49 a month with free shipping within the US. They also offer an online magazine with more information about each culture, and recipes to go along with your box.

eat2explore – “Come together as a family over country, culture, and cuisine”

With this crate, not only can you try the food and snacks from around the world, you and your family can also participate in creating it. You can learn new cultures and create foreign cuisine, all while improving your skills in the kitchen. Eat2explore’s cooking subscription is designed for kids (5 and older) and families. Each kit provides three recipes per country, essential ingredients like spices and sauces, shopping lists, country brochures, cooking tools, and collectibles like flag pins or stickers.

Each crate costs $25 a month with $6 flat-rate shipping. One of the great things about this crate is that you can know which country will be in each box up to three months out. They also have gluten-free and vegetarian options.

By Kaitlyn Schroeder