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Waves Around the World

What could be better than riding on a board on top of rolling ocean waves?

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Visit these sensational surfing sites across the globe to find extraordinary swells, vibrant communities, and scenic surroundings. Surfers in search of the perfect waves flock to these famous coastlines.

North Shore, Hawaii, US

This iconic spot in Oahu offers world-class waves during the winter months. Surfing is a deep-rooted tradition and way of life for many of the locals. The atmosphere can be exciting and competitive, especially during international surfing events.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

“J Bay” is esteemed as a social hub for surfing communities and training ground for surfing celebrities. Experts can enjoy barrels as long as 1,200 yards and rides as long as two minutes. But be careful—there are sharks in these waters!

Hossegor, France

Powerful waves make this a popular spot for surfers in Europe. The perks include charming coastal towns and fine dining options, although the prices aren’t cheap. Visit in the summer for optimal conditions.

Punta de Lobos, Chile

This South American site features a range of breaks for a variety of skill levels. It’s famous for its flawless lefthand waves. Designated as a World Surfing Reserve, Punta de Lobos is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy clear, warm water at this stunning clifftop setting. The beaches are known for being pristine and easily accessible. Uluwatu is ideal for advanced surfers who can navigate the challenging conditions of a large coral reef.

Gold Coast, Australia

This renowned site is home to many surfing competitions and huge crowds of surfers. An outcrop of old lava rock and a sizable sand deposit make for immaculate waves. In between surfing sessions, visitors may enjoy the urban locale and cosmopolitan vibe.

Surfing Semantics

Barrel (n.): The hollow tube of a wave in which surfers ride.

Break (n.): The point where a wave starts to crest and crash down. Different underwater conditions, such as sand, reefs, or rocks, produce different types of breaks.

Gnarly (adj.): Refers to waves that are especially challenging, thrilling, or intense.

Juicy (adj.): Refers to waves that are powerful, well formed, and enjoyable to ride.

Wipeout (n.): The term for when a surfer falls off their board. Can range from a minor incident to a dangerous drop.