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We’re Lovin’ It

Since the birth of the first McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California, in 1940, this beloved restaurant has found homes in countries all over the world.

Photo by Pexels

McDonald's is known by many names in different regions—Macca’s in Australia, McDo in France (pronounced as MacDo in the Philippines), McDona’s in Mexico, Mickey Ds in the United States, and so one)—yet its iconic logo can be recognized by all.

However, this is not true for all the menu items; each country has unique items that are native to the individual country and culture. Below are four must-try McDonald’s menu items if you find yourself in that region of the world.

McPops – Spain

These desserts termed “bite-sized delights” come from a land with a long history of fried dough delicacies. These sugar-coated donuts, in particular, appeal to many crowds with an array of three different flavors: white chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, or Biscoff® cookie butter. Although donuts are not unique to Spain, McPops is a must-try from the country that has spent centuries perfecting this well-beloved pastry.

Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta – Hong Kong

This breakfast item can be found in the land nicknamed the “Fragrant Harbour.” Just like how Hong Kong’s nickname alludes to trading and influence, this item is categorized as a Western cuisine that has Chinese and Cantonese influences. As the name invokes, this dish includes twisty pasta that is topped with an egg and a thick slice of ham. Even if you’re not a fan of ham, don’t cross this item off your list just yet! The ham can easily be replaced with sausage or grilled chicken.

Cookies & Cream Pie – Malaysia

Influenced by the classic Oreo McFlurry, the Cookies & Cream pie is a chocolate pie with a crispy crust and gooey filling that is best eaten when hot. Now, as you wipe the drool from your chin, be aware that this item can only be found in Malaysia, so please exercise restraint from purchasing an impulse ticket to try this highly praised treat.

Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti – Philippines

Like the phrase “you are what you eat,” the sweetness of the Filipino people is reflected in the sweetness of their foods. The McSpaghetti, an adaptation of Italian spaghetti, has Bolognese sauce that is altered with a sweetener: banana ketchup (Philippine fruit ketchup). This sweet sauce is topped with the classic shredded cheese and hot dogs.

Before you completely write off this dish, understand that Filipinos love their comfort food. However, to completely avoid extreme sugar highs and plummets in sales, the McSpaghetti has a side of fried chicken to create a savory option appealing to food lovers everywhere.

These four dishes are just the beginning of the long list of unique McDonald’s items around the world. As you venture on your travels to various regions of the world, include McDonald’s in your travel itinerary.

You won’t regret it!