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From Reckless to Child-Rearing

Tips for All the Stages of Travel

Travel seems glamorous, but we all know there’s a little more stress and havoc involved—school and work conflicts, kids, you name it—than what shows up on the perfect Instagram post. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your travels, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

While Under 25

The myth that you can’t rent a car unless you’re over 25 isn’t completely true. Most car rental places require an underage fee, which ranges from $19 to $57 per day if you’re under 25. Rental companies like Hertz, Avis, and Budget waive these fees if you’re a AAA member, a USAA member, a military employee, or a federal employee. If none of those apply to you, just make sure you have a valid driver’s license and pay with a credit card to avoid extra fees.

While Studying

Make sure you plan at least a semester ahead and take the time to think through any school or family obligations you may have. When you have a school break that allows for a trip, remember that other college students will be traveling too. You may want to travel to unfrequented places, such as the ski slopes of Stanley, Idaho.

While Working Full Time

If you have PTO, use it! Plan work vacations ahead of time to enjoy your break to the fullest. Just remember, if you’re going to use more than a few days of PTO, give your supervisor a heads-up at least a month before. And make sure to bring up your trip a couple of times, verbally and in writing, so no one’s surprised when you’re gone.

While Married

Traveling with your spouse can be a sweet, bonding experience, but it can also bring stress to the relationship. Make sure to plan the trip together. Take the time to understand each other’s travel priorities, and be flexible when plans change. Then, divide up the travel to-dos like packing the suitcases or booking the flights so that each person feels equally involved.

While Raising Kids

While kids can make traveling more challenging, they also bring life and love to your travel experiences. Plan ahead so you have time for bathroom breaks, snack stops, wiggle excursions, and the occasional meltdown without getting stressed. Bring medicine, snacks, and a simple blend of old and new toys. Remember, the memories will matter more than a perfect vacation.

By Dara Johnson