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Jungle Dreaming: A Look at Oregon's Four-Star Treehouse Resort

Photo by Jodi Bradshaw

Be honest. We’ve all, at some point, dreamt of living in a state-of-the-art treehouse mansion—complete with running water, secret sleeping spots, and probably a pet monkey. Imagine my own delight when I, as a teenager, stepped into my very own treehouse bedroom in the Redwoods Forest and realized that my childhood dream could, in fact, become a reality. Out ‘n’ About Treesort, located in Cave Junction, Oregon, opened its branches to the public in March of 1998. The resort’s fifteen deluxe treehouses—while they may be missing a few monkeys—are fully equipped with working bathrooms, hidden beds, and enough activities to keep anyone fully entertained for a weekend stay. With tree-houses set at various heights, keeping both the timid and tenacious in mind, the Treesort offers a place for everyone.

Photo by Jodi Bradshaw

For the Family

The Treesort is a child’s dream come true. The largest treehouses hold up to six guests (or tree musketeers, as hosts call them), making the Treesort a fun getaway for the whole family. Breakfast in the lodge every morning and s’mores by the fire every night will keep children full and happy, and activities like horseback riding, arts and crafts classes, or swimming in a freshwater pool should keep them entertained.

Photo by Jodi Bradshaw

For the Lover

The Treesort’s selection of “satellite” treehouses (tree-houses built away from the main property) makes for the perfect romantic getaway. The Lily Pad and The Castle Tree, for example, sit at a remove distance from the main location, and both are designed to comfortably house two people. Several hikes or scenic walks are within walking distance of the treehouses, which could serve well for a daytime date.

Photo by Jodi Bradshaw

For the Adventurer

Adrenaline junkies will feel right at home since the Treesort uses the height of the Redwoods and the nearby rivers to its advantage when offering activities. You can zipline from tree to tree or try out the Tarzan Swing, a fifty-five-foot-long pendulum swing that begins with a three-second freefall before catching you and swinging you back up again. Rafting is also offered down the nearby Klamath River, where one can enjoy the forest scenery before hitting some rapids.

Photo by Jodi Bradshaw

Come and See

Travel is often thought of as something reserved for adults—it’s something we do with our grown-up money, once we have enough to spare. But that doesn’t mean that traveling must only be filled with grown-up things. The Treesort invites you to use your vacation to become a child again. Climb a tree, pull yourself under the covers, and dream about a monkey or two.

Magda Pfunder