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Heritage Highway 89

a road stretches toward rock formations
Photo by esudroff

We’ve all had those moments when we just need a break from all our responsibilities and tasks. A road trip is the best remedy to stress! Not only is it healthy to get your eyes off of a screen for a bit, but you can also grab your friends and take time to jam to oldies, have deep conversations, or even just enjoy the silence together as you drive on the open road.

Of course, road trips are not just about driving from point A to point B. You want to see some sights along the way! Luckily, traveling along Highway 89 through Southern Utah has no short supply of quick pit-stop adventures. Here is just a look at a few of what you may find along this highway.

Moqui Cave Museum

an sign that says "OPEN" sits outside a doorway cut into the side of a rock formation
Photo by Kane County Tourism

Visiting this historical cave-turned-museum is a great attraction for the history buffs in your group. Give your eyes a break from the road and take a look at the centuries-old ceremonial pots, tools, and jugs early Native American tribes used.

If you’re more of a scientist, Moqui Cave has a vast display of glowing rocks and dinosaur tracks that were once hidden around the Southwest. This family-owned museum is excited to have you learn about the wonders of ancient Southern Utah and experience “140 million years of natural history.”

Duck Creek Village

a river cuts through a grassy field with autumn trees in the background
Photo by Kane County Tourism

While this area looks like it may be home to rustic characters like Daniel Boone, there’s no end to the recreation accessible at Duck Creek Village. Hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and hiking are popular activities that the locals and visitors participate in.

Come to the area in the summer and you might find a Johnny Appleseed-type celebration complete with a chili cook-off, music and dancing, and local vendors showing off their homemade goods.

In the wintertime, skiers love to visit the yurt at Duck Creek Village for a quick hot chocolate fix before heading out to the nearby slopes. No matter which season you decide to take your road trip, there’s always something to do at the beautiful Duck Creek Village.

Sevier River

a river flows at the base of two rocky hills
Photo by Mike Goad

The Sevier River flows through local farming valleys and creates a lovely rest area for fishing or skipping rocks. Leave your shoes and take time to wade around in the calmer parts of the river. Before jumping back on the road, grab a bite to eat at the Galaxy Diner in Hatch, Utah, a restaurant straight from the ‘50s and a local favorite.

Bryce Canyon National Park

a canyon full of rock formations and trees
Photo by Troy Church (Kane County Tourism)

Visiting this beloved national park is a must if you’re driving down Heritage Highway 89. See windswept spires of sandstone, hike into an alien metropolis, or simply stop at the many turnouts along the highway and view stunning overlooks. It’s a great opportunity to stretch your legs and breathe some fresh air. Find all you love about national parks by visiting Bryce Canyon.

Mammoth Cave

Just outside of Hatch, Utah, is the popular Mammoth Cave. Make sure your headlamps are working before exploring nearby Mammoth Cave, one of the biggest lava tubes in Utah. Perfect for light spelunking, Mammoth Cave contains 2,200 feet (670.5 meters) of passages. Even though these tubes are only open from May to October, Mammoth Cave is a great adventure fix for your road trip.

What Else Can You Discover?

These iconic locations are barely scratching the surface of the attractions Highway 89 holds. While these Southern Utah classics are worth your time, travel along Highway 89 and see if you can find your own hidden gems! After all, road trips are for discovering what the road most travelled holds in store for you. And of course, there will always something for next time.

Madeline Dewsnup