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Got the Blues?

Home from a vacation? Don’t let those blues get you down!

Photo by Pexels

Returning from a trip is oftentimes the hardest part of travel. A sense of despondency—or maybe just disappointment—can make the transition even harder. The excitement of travel just doesn’t compare to the monotony of normal life. So, how do we beat these post-vacation blues?

Take Back Your Life

Traveling is a messy process. One trick to help you get back into your groove is to organize. Put away the suitcase and do the laundry. Run all the little errands that help keep your life balanced. But don’t stop there. Find the forgotten corners of your house, apartment, or trailer and then clean and reorganize. Embrace the mentality of a fresh start and take a step towards being prepared for normal life.

Commemorate Your Trip

Part of struggling with post-travel blues is the wish to be right back where you were. So, do it! Relive your trip. Go through all your photos and write in your journal about your vacation. Document each memory, whether through old-fashioned scrapbooking or through modern digitized photo books. Take the time to commemorate all the memories you made. Invite friends over to share your favorite stories and memories. Celebrate the opportunity you had to do something new and exciting!

Be Passionate about Your Ordinary Life

The post-travel blues look different for everyone. Some people are dissatisfied with their trips. Others are disappointed to come home. If you fall into the second category, then this tip is for you. Bring your ordinary life out of the category of boring and into exciting by having new experiences at home. Try a new restaurant. Go to the movie theater. Discover new hikes or outdoor hotspots. Look for local concerts to attend. Experiment with new hobbies that get you out of the house. There are lots of opportunities to make home feel like its own sort of vacation.

Plan a New Vacation

If you are a long-term thinker, find a new place to set your sights on. Play around with the idea of different cultures and countries. Make new goals about what you want to do and where you want to visit. The world is your oyster. Get excited about a new place to visit.

Don’t let the post-travel blues get you down. Take charge of your life. Remember what makes life so exciting. Identify which parts of vacationing are so thrilling and replicate them in your life. You don’t have to take gigantic and overwhelming steps; they can be small, simple actions that help you rediscover the passion in ordinary life.