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KAYAK: the all-in-One-Travel App

Photo by Negative Space

As someone who values organization and saving money, I take trip planning seriously. Planning a trip with me typically ends in approximately 13,1989 open tabs and apps in a futile attempt to craft the perfect trip. To make this easier, I tried the KAYAK app, and planning travel became exponentially easier.

The free KAYAK app contains everything you need for travel. Everything can be searched, stored, synced, and shared in the app so everyone in your travel group is on the same page. Here are some of my favorite features:


KAYAK has user-friendly search engines for all types of transportation. You can compare flight options, find rental cars, navigate public transportation, and so much more. You also see offers from all major and local companies, and an extensive set of filters helps you find what you’re looking for quickly.


From hotels to restaurants to attractions, KAYAK knows what’s around to make sure you have a comfortable stay—all, of course, while finding you the best deal everywhere you go. Tired of too many decisions? No problem, KAYAK has an entire section of preplanned vacations that can be booked instantly.


One of the most unique and, in my opinion, valuable features of KAYAK is the itinerary option. The app is focused on encompassing all aspects of a trip, and the itinerary section is evidence of that. When you book anything in the app, you can seamlessly add it to an itinerary, customize it with other plans, incorporate it in a bucket list, and share it with your travel partners, all while getting real-time updates. It can even be downloaded to work offline for those who take “getting away” seriously.
—Whitney Ashby