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Kimchi, A Hidden Gem

Kimchi on a plate.

Asian cuisine is well-loved by many people, and an underappreciated food of Asian cuisine is kimchi. Native to Korea, kimchi is a food staple valued equal to rice and is eaten from breakfast to dinner or any time in between. Koreans have been eating it for centuries, storing the kimchi in clay pots and burying them in the ground for the fermentation process. Today, many Asian restaurants (especially Korean) serve this delicious dish.

So what is Kimchi? Simply put, it is spicy, fermented cabbage. Sounds tasty, right? Kimchi also includes flavors such as ginger and garlic. The kimchi ferments for only a few days but leaves the cabbage bursting with mouthwatering flavor.

If you have never had kimchi before, a word of warning. Some people love it on the first try, the way I did, while others despise it. It might be a fifty-fifty shot on whether you like it or not. Kimchi is described by some to be like sauerkraut with a bit more of a spicey and tangy flavor. Whether you end up liking it or not, kimchi is a delicious Korean staple that deserves at least one try.