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Museum Apps

A New Way to Discover History

Visiting museums can be one of the coolest parts of a trip. Many museums house iconic pieces of art, interactive games for children and adults alike, and awe-inspiring artifacts. If you like learning about history and culture, museums are the place to be.

Unfortunately, many iconic museums can be overcrowded or over-hyped. So how do you sort through the mess?

Thankfully, museum apps are modern-day tools that help with these and many other problems you may encounter. Some apps even let you see exhibits from the comfort of your own home!

A few highly rated and useful apps are the Google Arts and Culture app, the Smithsonian apps, (, and Brigham Young University’s own Museum of Art app.

The Google Arts and Culture App

The Google Arts and Culture app allows its users to access art and culture from 80 different countries, all with the push of a button, through virtual walking tours of famous museums. Users can zoom in on the art and learn interesting stories about the art and artists!

Smithsonian Apps

There are over 30 Smithsonian apps available for download, which have activities and information for people of all ages. There are educational and informative apps, more lighthearted apps with games and scavenger hunts around famous museums, and accessibility features with audio clips to add to your museum experience.

BYU’s Museum of Art App

Lastly, BYU’s very own MOA app allows you to look at exhibits from the comfort of home. This app gives users access to galleries, interviews, and inspiration.

Most people won’t have the chance to see the world’s greatest pieces of art in person. Museum apps improve your experience while you’re there, and provide unique access to high-quality images and fun activities without needing to take the trip!