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Saturdays are for the Slides

A small wooden sled in a snowdrift.

If you loved the slides at recess growing up, and always wished they could be just a bit longer, this 700-foot ice slide might be the perfect activity for you.

If you love to sled and love being out in icy cold weather with wind whipping at your face at speeds of up to 50 mph, tobogganing in Strongsville, Ohio, is an experience you must add to your bucket list.

If you love an exciting and uncommon thrill that can include the whole family (42” or taller), the tobogganing chutes at The Chalet are the place to be this winter.

The Chalet is nestled in a picturesque scene perfect for an adventurous weekend out in the cold. These 700-foot ice chutes operate through the winter months and go until late March. COVID-19 procedures and the chute’s popularity mean you will need to make sure your reservation is booked ahead of time. Because this icy thrill is one you're sure not to soon forget.

If you visit, there are strictly enforced rules that must be followed. These chutes are a fantastical and unique experience which does not come without warnings:

First, all participants must wear heavy duty gloves that cover the fingers.

Second, all participants must be over 42" tall and must pass a height test.

Third, all participants must be physically able to walk up the 108 steps to the top of the tobogganing hill.

Fourth, children 14 and under must ride with an adult, and no more than four people may ride on the same toboggan.

Thankfully, all of these rules and more are listed clearly on the website for the park.

Be sure to check weather conditions before you go! In the event of bad weather, chutes will be shut down and will not be reopened until the weather clears up.

As for food, concession sales at the park will keep you fueled with a variety of snacks and drinks for a full day of ice sliding!

All in all, tobogganing chutes are sure to be a fast-paced adventure you will not want to miss out on! Whether you’re going on a solo adventure, a friend’s trip, or a family getaway, check the rules and regulations carefully ahead of time. And be sure to plan for a day with good weather!

Allison Andrews