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Shred the Snow, Not Your Wallet

Skiing Gear in Utah

Access to skiing venues is one of the best advantages of attending college in Utah. With 10 phenomenal ski resorts all within an hour of each other, you can’t miss spending a Saturday on the slopes. But sometimes skiing means more shredding through your bank account rather than the fresh powder; finding gear to use is more than half of the financial battle. Here are some tips to help you save on snow gear.


  • You have friends! Ask around to see who has a similar height and bot size. Find people willing to lend a pair of ski pants, gloves, or a helmet. your shoe size and is around your height. Find who would be willing to lend a pair of ski pants, gloves, or a helmet. People are always more willing than you think to share what they have—especially in college, when everyone is trying to save money.
  • When you find the right generous person, make sure to say thanks by baking them cookies or sending them a thank-you text with pictures of you having fun with their gear.
  • When you do have gear, remember when you were in need. Be a good sport and allow someone else to borrow your gear.


  • Your school likely has an equipment rental office to use. For example, BYU has Outdoors Unlimited, UVU has Outdoor Adventure Center, and the U has Campus Recreation Services—shops just for students to rent snow and other outdoor gear out at a reasonable price.
  • Plan ahead to reserve the gear you need. Remember that gear is typically easier to find on a weekday than a weekend.
  • Many resorts offer student deals for ski rentals. Research online what deals your selected resort has for rentals on site.


  • If you’re here in Utah for at least another winter and you know you want to ski more, try buying used gear in the off-season. You can often find the best deals for skis during the spring and summer, when regular skiers sell their used gear to switch to new gear. Check online marketplaces like KSL, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.
  • Utah Ski Swap is also a valuable resource for finding off-season ski gear. Utah Ski Swap is a series of organized events for people to sell their used snow gear for cheap, and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. Several Ski Swaps happen from September to November, so make sure to check this summer for the right dates and locations.

By doing your ski homework beforehand, you can find reasonable deals to help you hit the slopes without going bankrupt. But whatever you have to pay, the investment is worth the memories that come from the sparkling snow, the lift rides, the exhilarating rush, and the good company.

By Caleb Hintze