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South America's Most Walkable City

The buildings of Buenos Aires along a waterfront.

Do you want to travel without spending massive amounts of money on buses, taxis, or subways? Buenos Aires is a great city to explore on foot, with many sites within walking distance of each other.

This city in Argentina is often called the “Paris of South America.” It offers wonderful museums, fantastic shopping, beautiful architecture, a lively culture, and scenic views of the Rio de la Plata, the river that runs adjacent to the city.

You must do a walking tour while in Buenos Aires if you want to get the full experience of the city. Buenos Aires Free Walks is one organization that gives walking tours. They are often led by passionate locals, eager to impress because there is no set fee for the tour; you tip based on what you think the tour was worth.

On the City Center Tour, you will see the political and historical side of the city. The tour begins at the National Congress, goes along the renowned boulevard Avenida de Mayo, and ends in the heart of Buenos Aires, the Plaza de Mayo.

Colorful buildings along a city street.

On the Recoleta Walking Tour, you’ll see beautiful parks, monuments, and palaces in one of the most luxurious areas in Buenos Aires. This tour starts at the world-famous opera house, Teatro Colón. It also makes a stop at the oldest synagogue in Buenos Aires, Templo Libertad, a symbol to the local Jewish community and one of the biggest and most important synagogues in the world.

You may also want to take a biking tour to see more of the city while avoiding the crowds on public transportation. There are many different tours to choose from. For example, Biking Buenos Aires has a tour called the Hidden Graffiti and Urban Art Tour, which will show you the work of famous artists, breathtaking murals, and the famous neighborhood La Boca, which has colorful buildings and is known as the birthplace of the tango.

And of course, while in the city, you must see a tango show. Naturally, choosing which tango show to see can be difficult. However, housed in an old theater in the heart of downtown, El Querandi comes highly recommended. This show will take you through the history of the dance form.

There are many other sites to see in Buenos Aires. For example, La Recoleta Cemetery is ranked as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. This necropolis contains over 6,400 statues, sarcophagi, coffins, and crypts that commemorate some of Argentina’s most celebrated sons and daughters.

You can also take a walk to a soccer game—or football game, as it’s known there—where Argentinian fans will go wild. One of the local teams, the Club Atlético Boca Juniors, is headquartered in the La Boca neighborhood. The Boca Juniors are considered the “team of the people,” with more fans than any other team in Argentina. Their stadium, La Bombonera, is renowned for its atmosphere, which means you’ll likely hear the match-day celebrations even if you don’t go to a game.

If you start to get hungry from your travels, Buenos Aires is known for its world-class beef. Check out local restaurants, where you’ll certainly find delicious steaks, along with other delightful cuisine. One such restaurant is El Ferroviario, which some consider to be the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires. There aren’t reservations, so you’ll want to get to this restaurant early to avoid the wait.

A large,  ornate building with a manicured front garden.

No matter what you do in Buenos Aires, you are sure to fall in love with the city. While you can squeeze most of the sites into a few days, this city is a perfect place to mosey through and enjoy the rich culture and history of Argentina.

Lexi Cooper