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Welcome to the Safest Las Vegas Trip Ever

Image of Las Vegas Strip at Night
Photo by Parsa Mahmoudi

Over the past twenty years, Las Vegas has exploded in popularity for residents and tourists alike. No longer is Las Vegas known only for clubs and casinos. It’s home to an extensive list of impressive restaurants, art galleries, entertainment, and athletics. Las Vegas recently welcomed a National Hockey League team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, as well as a newly relocated National Football League team, the Las Vegas Raiders. New casinos and hotels, such as the Circa and Resorts World, boast exclusive restaurants with sensational menus. Even though Las Vegas is well visited and continues to grow with more tourist attractions and newly opened resorts and clubs, traveling in Las Vegas can still be dangerous. Here’s five top tips for staying safe while you enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer.

Beat the Heat

The Strip, although a centrally-located conglomerate of casinos, restaurants, and hotels, is quite long—an unexpected 4.225 miles! Many tourists fall victim to heat exhaustion and even injury because they underestimate how long a walk down the Strip is. Purchase a case of water bottles when you arrive and bring one on the go (you may not be able to easily find a sanitary water fountain for refills), wear comfortable walking shoes, and don’t forget the sun-screen! If a walking distance seems like a stretch for you, you can always take a taxi, city bus, or a rideshare service.

Follow the Crowd

The Las Vegas area is much bigger than just the Strip, and some areas close to the Strip can be more dangerous with more criminal activity and threats. Everything you need for a great time is located on the Strip, so stick to the bright lights and don’t venture too far from the Strip without a solid plan.

Fanny Pack Hack

It’s easy to get distracted and not feel someone grab something out of your pocket or bag while exploring the Strip. I recommend a fanny pack to keep on your front, so no one can easily pickpocket or steal from you when you are getting bumped in a crowd. Plus, they leave your hands free, and you’ll avoid setting your bag somewhere and forgetting it.

Practice Beverage Safety

Keep your drink in your sight! If you set a drink or food down in a busy place, replace it. Don’t continue to drink from the same cup. It is always better to be safe than sorry and avoid anyone slipping things in your drink that could impair your judgment.

Don’t Get Too Personal

If anyone asks you where you are staying or when you are leaving, don’t tell them! Say you don’t know, or make something up. There are people on the Strip who take advantage of careless tourists’ personal information. Protect your information like you would your wallet so you can avoid stolen identities, robbed hotel rooms, or any other manner of danger.

Have Fun!

This article may seem to paint the Strip in a bad light. But the most important tip of all is to enjoy yourself! These tips will help you to stay safe and secure while you travel so you can truly make the most of your trip with no worries or mishaps.

Anne Burton Hunt